How to make
it your own!

Choose Your Style
We offer a selection of tags in different shapes and sizes. Once you’ve found the perfect base for your pet’s tag, you can personalise it further. We allow you to choose from 14 different fonts and a wide palette of 70 colors. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a bit more eye-catching, you can mix and match to find the right look.

Easy Customisation
Creating your custom dog tag is straightforward:

1. Pick a Tag
Choose the best fit for your pet from our range of options.

2. Make It Yours
Select your preferred font and color. 

The above are the fonts you can choose from.

The above are the colors you can choose from.

Adding a name adds a €2.00 surcharge. Adding a number adds a €4.00 surcharge.

Enhance with a Shadow
For that extra flair and improved legibility, we offer the option to add a 'shadow' to your pet’s name on the tag. This subtle addition makes the name stand out with more depth and clarity, especially helpful for ensuring your pet's name is easily readable from a distance. If you want your name to be always legible make sure to add this option.

With Shadow Without Shadow

Additionally there's 9 extra colors which can be chosen as a shadow color. 

Adding a shadow adds a €1.00 surcharge.

3. Check & Confirm
Happy with your choices? Give it a final review to ensure everything is correct.

Elevate with Add-Ons
Every dog tag comes standard with a silver ring and carabiner to attach it to your pet’s collar. However, for those looking to add an extra touch of elegance or distinctiveness, we offer the option to 'upgrade' your hardware. Choose from gold, rosé gold, or black to match your pet's tag to their personality—or even their accessories. Before designing your tag, you’ll see options for upgrading the hardware. 

Choosing a different hardware color adds a €1.00 surcharge.

Understanding Product-Specific Customization
As you dive into creating your dog tag, you'll notice that not all tags have the same customisation options available. This variability is due to the characteristics of each tag, such as its size and type. Here's what to keep in mind:

Smaller tags might not have enough space for both a name and a phone number, while larger tags can accommodate more information. Due to the limitations of our vinyl cutter, we're unable to print extremely small text, affecting the types of information that can be included on smaller tags.

The material and shape of the tag also influence the customisation options. For example, some tags are designed with specific themes or aesthetics. The design of some tags incorporates overlays of elements that might obstruct parts of the text.

Note on Acrylic Tags
While the customisation options detailed above apply to our epoxy tags, it's important to note that some of these features may not be available for acrylic tags due to the nature of the material. Acrylic tags, with their distinct properties and production process, might not support the same range of customisations as epoxy ones. This includes limitations on certain fonts, colors, and the addition of shadows or add-ons.

We strive to offer a broad range of options for all our tags, but the physical characteristics of acrylic demand a different approach to customisation.

Special Requests
If you’re looking for customisation options that aren’t available on our site, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out through Instagram or WhatsApp with your ideas or special requests. Our team is more than happy to help bring your vision to life for that matchy-matchy tag.

Ready to Start?
Create a tag that’s as special as your pet. Begin customising now, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need something extra. We're here to help make sure your pet's tag is just the way you want it.

Need something unique? Happy to help!

Looking for something matchy-matchy? Or something more custom? Feel free to reach out. A lot can't be listed on the website. Feel free to contact me!

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