As a company we are obligated that your order will be received. Please allow up 6 weeks before reaching out. We'll either send out a replacement or make sure to refund. If items are damaged when they arrive we require evidence in form of photography/video. Based on this we'll make a decision by either refunding or sending out a new one. 

The tags are made from resin and are completely safe to be worn by your canine. Resin tags aren’t indestructible, never leave your dog unsupervised with a tag. Especially if your dog is a chewer/destroyer. We would also advise you not to ingest resin. We are not liable for any damage or injuries the tag may cause. Always make sure you contact your vet if you’re suspecting your dog has swallowed any part of the tag. Also keep away from other pets or children.

When resin is hardened, it becomes as hard as plastic. Even though they're pretty sturdy, they may unseal in salt water, unseal when they are being washed in the washing machine or when in contact with a heated surface. 

During the hardening process small dents and bubbles may form. We'll try out best to minimise the amount of bubbles and dents, but we can't guarantee that none are left behind. Over time the edging of the products may become damaged. Every tag is handcrafted so results may vary.